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A variety of diseases can affect the appearance of nails, including fungal infection. This guidance is intended to provide an alternative approach for treating onychomycosis and other nail diseases including Nail Lichen Planus and Nail Psoriasis.  Myco Onyx solution reactivates and improves  the cells defense mechanisms. The said solution is based on the free radical scavenging activity of the polyphenols contained in the Myco Onyx nail solution.


A safe, topical treatment yet more effective than oral therapy for onychomycosis is presented. According to FDA, the popular treatments for onychomycosis comprises of topical treatments that yield complete cure rates of 5.5% to 8.5% and systematic oral medications that yield cure rates ranging from 14% to 38%. It is assumed that the Myco Onyx nail solution is by far a superior treatment that yields an average success rate of 83.8% without any side effects.


Moreover, considering the emergency of multiple drug resistance strains of microorganisms due to indiscriminate use of antibiotics and the severe side effects of antibiotics, antifungal and other preparations used in the classic medicine for the treatment of skin infections, the significance of this approach becomes more important.


Contrary to popular antifungal treatments, myco onyx will also strengthen the immune system at the nail area limiting the possibility of onychomycosis and other nail diseases reappearing after the treatment.

The first positive results appear in less than a month. In severe cases where sensitivity in the nail area is lost, has its sensitivity returned after a month of topically applying Myco Onyx nail solution.




Myco Onyx was clinically tested with impressive results for the following Nail Disorders, which can be seen in the Picture Gallery:


  • Onychomycosis (Mild-Moderate-Severe)

  • Onychomycosis on Diabetic patients

  • Nail Psoriasis

  • Nail Lichen Planus

  • Mixed Cases

  • Onychodystrophia 

Due to its mechanism of action, Myco Onyx can be also effective against onycholysis, onychatrophia, trachyonichia, leukonichia, brittle nail syndrome and other nail diseases.

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