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What is Neo Gum - Aphtha Solution?

Neo Gum - Aphtha Solution is an innovate product for rejuvenating and restoring damaged gums. It is a natural product, completely safe and exceptionally effective mouth ulcers.

Mechanism of action

Polyphenols contained in Neo Gum - Aphtha, are the key to the efficacy of the solution. Based on its micro-molecular action, the polyphenols penetrate cell membranes and neutralize free radicals that proliferate uncontrollably, due to the abnormal and other autoimmune diseases of the oral cavity. The cells, free from the destructive effect of the free radicals, that proliferate uncontrollably due to the mouth ulcer, are regenerated, activated and recovered all their natural and defensive functions, resulting in rapid, spectacular and beneficial effects on the tissues that make up the oral cavity. The renewed production of collagen by activated fibroblasts contributes to rapid healing of the mouth ulcer. 


Because of the pioneering mechanism of action, Neo Gum - Aphtha is also effective in fighting for damaged gums in immunosuppressed patients, diabetic patients and fungal infections of the oral cavity.

How to use it

Two Sprays 2-3 times a day on the affected area. Avoid consuming anything for an hour after use. The product is human-friendly and may be swallowed. 

General information

Neo Gum - Aphtha is a 100% natural product. No Side effects have been observed in its use.

Keep away from the reach of children.

Store the product in a cool dry place, below 25° C.

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